First Official Day Off and To Work

Today is my first official day off from work until January. It is nice to be on vacation and this means it is time to get some home improvement projects completed. Many of them are smaller projects where the time to go get the part and return will take longer then getting the project done….

Red Rock Canyon Story to Come

The day after Thanksgiving we headed out to Red Rock Canyon State Park. It was a great time and we enjoyed it. The story will come soon.

Story Available: Potter Pass

Our Veteran’s Day hike up to Potter Pass is now available to read. We escaped the smoke and enjoyed a wonderful day in the forest. Read our adventure in the link below. Potter Pass Day Hike

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

May you be thankful for what you have, whether it be surrounded by family or friends, the place you call home, the experiences of the past year, and the blessings life can bring. Remember those who cannot celebrate with us this day and be thankful for them. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enter his gates…

Story to Bridge to Nowhere is Available

The story to the Bridge to Nowhere is available to read and enjoy. Come join us on a day hike for my cousin’s birthday. It wasn’t Plan A, but we were glad to have a Plan B in place. Curious? Read the story HERE.

A Mid Month of Surprises

As another week in November flies on by, there were a few more days where the dinosaurs decided to get creative. One of the first things they did was leave the living room and head to the guest room. There Jaden found them reading a book and playing with finger puppets used to animate the…

To Potter Pass

A day hike up to Potter Pass at the Kaiser Wilderness boundary was a lot of fun. Jaden wanted to soon play at the pass before leaving which ended up being a small peak summit. More to come soon!

I’m So Rumbly in My Tumbly, Time for Something Sweet

Another night goes by and the dinosaurs were on the move. This time they were after Jaden’s Halloween candy. Jaden ate some of his Swedish Fish last night, but left the bag open. Guess who decided they wanted something sweet? Yep, the dinosaurs moved the step stool over and as a team made their way…

A Lesson with Minecraft

Jaden woke up to his dinosaurs playing his brand new app of Minecraft. They had to wait for the device to charge all night and were just about to jump into the game when Jaden rounded the corner. Jaden was surprised and so was the dinosaurs. No Minecraft for them this time around. What will…

Dinosaurs Enjoy Ice cream

After a peaceful night’s sleep, Jaden awoke to see what the dinosaurs were up too. The only problem was Jaden missed them completely. Walking nearby he went straight to playing. I asked him if the dinosaurs were out this morning. He promptly replied that he didn’t find them. I laughed and said maybe he should…