A Fall Hike

Today was a day for some firsts for me regarding a fall hike. For work, I went to assess a few things like lakes, meadows, and creek crossings. The hike was about 12 to 14 miles in length. This was not what was new for me though. Hiking in the fall in thermals leggings and…

A Mario Birthday Party

Jaden’s birthday this year was Super Mario Bros. There was a lot of behind the scenes work for a party that lasted only 2 hours. Believe me, the two hours went by quickly. As a result, we did not take the decorations down for a whole week. Jaden wanted to enjoy it a little more…

Story Available: Cliff Lake

The story of my day hike up to Cliff Lake is available to read. See how River and I did along our journey into the eastern side of the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness. Read the story HERE.

Into October

Amazing how fast the past two months have gone by. Now that we are entering October, which I consider the start of the “holiday season” it might as well be 2019. Between school starting, kids birthday parties, work projects, and weekend projects, it is very easy to see how the days fly by. The next…

Party Went Great!

The birthday party went great. A lot of time was put into creating worlds for Jaden and his friends to play in. Thank you to family and friends for helping get the last minute things to come together. The two hours went by quickly. I’ll put up a better post showing some photos and describe…

Mario Party is Coming

A birthday event is near and Mario will be there! Will post photos and details later but I think it will be an experience to remember. Stay tuned!

Day Hike to Cliff Lake

River and I went on a day hike to Cliff Lake within the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness. We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. River kept up too. Stay tuned for the story.

Open Camera App for Android

I have used the stock camera on my Google Pixel XL for about a month. It does a good job, was snappy, and took great photos. I still use it for the sphere mode Google offers. The panoramic mode is horrible, as many other reviews stated, so I use another app for that. However, I…

Story Available for DLW Weekend

Want to read about Jaden and I’s day hike into the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness? Click the link below and read about our adventure. He did between 5 to 6 miles that day and really enjoyed it. Story HERE.

Day Hiking Dinkey Lakes Wilderness

Another outdoor adventure complete. This time it was Jaden and I exploring the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness for a day. The video summarizes the trip, but you can expect the full story to come.