Another Day in the John Muir

Another day hike into the John Muir Wilderness. Total miles was 11.5. I think it may have been the last of the “warmer” fall weather. High was in the mid 60’s at the elevations I visited today. Perfect for hiking and not too much sweating at all. More pictures and a story to follow. Just…

Crystals of Ice

It is definitely coming off here in California. The other day I was up near 9,000 feet. The creeks were frozen and the shorelines were hard as a rock to walk on. The below freezing conditions are shutting down the forest. One of many cool observations was ice crystals. This time of year you may…

Where Did the Time Go?

September is going by really quickly. Does anyone else feel that same way? I guess it is that time of year with school starting back up then running into Labor Day weekend then end of the financial year at work. It is just going by fast. Plus next month is Halloween then we go right…

Returning from Ansel Adams

I have returned from another wilderness trip. This time it was from the Ansel Adams Wilderness! There are hundreds of photos to go through, yet alone another story to write up from this outdoor season. I’ll try to see if I can get some videos up to “summarize” each day. Stay tuned!

HDR Photos and the Milky Way

Having some more time, I decided to take some High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos along with trying to get the Milky Way. The camera used is a Canon G1X. It is not the best camera for these type of photos, but it is fun to try and see what one can do. First off I…


I am still learning night photography. This is a better one. Hopefully I will be able to get another opportunity to try again. I think I will try a different lens as well as light up some of the foreground with my flashlight.

An August Adventure

The first half of August continues to be busy. It is slowing down a bit right now, which is fine with me. July went by so fast and soon Jaden will be a second grader. However there was at least one more adventure to go on before getting back into the school year. One of…

July’s Trip to Dinkey Lakes Wilderness

A long work day was spent mostly in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness. Some photos were taken of several lakes along the way. Check them out! The story will come later when I get a chance to finish the other stories I am working on.

Beautiful Sierra Nevada

Enjoy some photos from my day outdoors. With all the water the wildflowers are vibrant and plentiful. You just need to get outside and go see for yourself. Mosquitoes can be an issues so be prepared for that along with other outdoor supplies.

Playing Catch Up: Yosemite

I am playing catch up today with the backlog of stories to finish. One of those goes back to April when Jaden and I went to Yosemite National Park for the day. We were going to check out “waterfall season” and see what it was all about. You can now read about our story here…