What a Week

It has been a fast and busy past week. Diana is sick with a bad cold, so I split my time between taken Jaden to school, picking him up, working, taking care of Diana, and so forth. The car also had some mechanical needs that came up. I also had to get some maintenance work…

Story Update: The Third Day.

The third day of my trip out in the Ansel Adams Wilderness is ready to read. It is the longer of the three days in terms of my writing about it. I hope you enjoy it. Only one more day to go after this and the story will be complete. As usual if you cannot…

Story: The Second Day

The second day of my trip to Ansel Adams is now available to read. Only a few more to go and the story will be complete. Enjoy reading what has been finished so far if you cannot wait :). Ansel Adams Wilderness 2019

Story: The First Day

The First Day of my trip into the Ansel Adams Wilderness is up for everyone to check out. The other days will be coming soon. If you want to wait then don’t read it just yet. Otherwise click on the link below to begin! Ansel Adams Wilderness 2019

Approaching the End

As always the vacation time goes by quickly. This will be my final week off before heading back to work. There are always mix feeling about it for me each year. Yes, I truly enjoyed my time off. I spent time walking to and from school with Jaden, went to the gym almost every day…

Hiking into Dinkey Lakes

The 11 mile day hike into Dinkey Lakes Wilderness story is finally up and ready to read! Enjoy another summer adventure. We sure did :). Dinkey Lakes Wilderness 2019

Uphill to Nelson Lake

Ready for another adventure on this December day? Grab your favorite hot drink, sit back, and enjoy the warm adventure that River and I took to Nelson Lake. Nelson Lake 2019

Corbett and Givens Lake Trek

My day hike trip up to Givens Lake is now available to read. It is not a long one hike for anyone who wants to go on it. May take you just as long to drive there. Anyway enjoy the read. Corbett and Givens Lake 2019

The First Day

The first day of vacation started by walking my son to school. Previous days were cloudy and wet. Today, the sun was out, the sky blue, and the air clean and crisp. Perfect time to walk to school. We both enjoyed our walk. Talking about pretend scenarios and reality too. It didn’t take long and…