Visiting Family and Friends

The holiday was spent mostly down in southern California this time around. We all had a good time too. It was Jaden’s first lengthy car ride. We have done 45 minute rides, but never several hours. It was a good experiment not only to see how long he would last but to see how we would respond.


We woke up around 530AM, got ready, feed Jaden, loaded the car, and out the we went by 8AM. We were on our way to Brea for a belated baby shower for Jaden at 11 AM. Jaden slept until Gorman. There we got a bottle ready for him and feed him while we drove. He did a good job with that and seemed to enjoy the scenery. The air was much clearer and cleaner compared to the valley at this point. We enjoyed running the vent and inhaling the cool fresh air. Even into Santa Clarita in further south the air was so much better. It was nice :).

We hit traffic at the junction of highway 14 and interstate 5. If you are going to hit traffic, that always seems to be the place. It set us back about 20 minutes, which did make us about 20 minutes late to the baby shower. The baby shower was very nice. Diana’s friends did an amazing job of decorating, preparing, and keeping the shower active. The ladies took turns holding Jaden. He was smiling and happy, until he was hungry. It was a beautiful day too, so the lunch and festivities outside in the backyard was great. No rain, some cloud cover, and cool temperatures made for a great afternoon. We stayed till about 4 PM.

We stayed at my brother and sister-in-laws place. It was a pleasant and relaxing evening. It was exactly what all three of us needed. Toby and Jamie came over too to relax with us a bit. Jaden received a lot of attention that day, so he was pretty warning out in the evening. When the evening came to a conclusion, we put him in his bed Jaden to bed and soon followed. The 5 hours of straight sleep was great that night!


We woke up, packed our bags, and headed over to where Toby and Jamie are staying. Jeremiah came with us too. They had made us breakfast! There was swedish pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, and juice. The swedish pancake brought back some good childhood memories. Toby and Jamie took turns holding Jaden for a while. We shared childhood stories and enjoyed our time together. Jeremiah took off to head to church around 10AM.

Our original plan was to head back home, but with an offer of a late morning hike we jumped on it. Diana was excited about getting out and doing some exercise too. We snuggled Jaden into his Moby wrap, loaded him on Diana, and up the hill we went. It was a liesurely 1.6 miles that provided great views of the surrounding area. We had a wonderful time and Jaden slept the whole way. Shortly after the hike and lunch, we made our way back home.

The way home was fast. No traffic and Jaden slept all the way to Porterville. He woke up hungry and ready to eat. We got him taken care off right when we got home. The day ended with a beautiful sunset of fire-red and deep purple clouds over the Sierras. It was a great weekend!

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