Review: Braun Series 7 7899cc


The Braun Series 7 7899cc electric shaver is a very good product. I experimented with different lengths to see how it would perform. Could it cut the shortest of facial hair? How would it do going for a week or more when cutting facial hair? All these answers will come but lets look at the details of the product.

Presentation (Appearance):
The razor consists of grey, black, and chrome. Black is the rubber where you will place your hands while the grey gives it some contrast and style. The chrome is for a few buttons. It looks very modern and does not demand attention when your eyes scan the room. Well done.

Razor Body:
Braun did a good job in where your hand placement will be, there is black rubber to add grip. The grip is not rough or a “sticky” rubber. It adds just the right amount of friction to where you know you can hold it and not worry about slipping. The grip runs along the side and the entire back of the device. Two small round metal knobs are in the back for when you charge it in the station. Do not be concerned though as you really do not notice them and, if they do touch your hand they are smooth. Within the grey portion of the device, mainly the front where the power button, blade adjustment, and trimmer are located, there is a thumb rest. Perfect position to complete the whole “grip” process. On the bottom of the razor is a visual indicator for hygene (aka. how dirty your razor is after use) and a battery icon. They are black text and square displays. No need to worry about it hurting your eyes or having a light. Think of it like a digital watch (not a smartwatch) display before you would activate the “indiglo” or “LED” light. The top of the razor has a swivel adjustment head and a lock switch. Pretty standard on electric razors similar to this one. Nothing special there.

Razor Case:
You get a firm case to hold your razor. Nothing fancy there but a nice sturdy case will help protect your device. I would not recommend dropping the device to see what the case could handle, but it is not a flimsy case. Should serve well in protection during travel in suitcases and such.

Razor Weight:
The weight is just right. It is not “super light” to where you think it is fragile and will break easily. It is also not considered heavy to where you feel it is a brick to carry or something you could weight lift for a forearm work out. The device feels solid and the weight contributes to the overall feeling of a well built and sturdy device.

Charging Station:
Charging station is completely black. The station takes the same charger you put into the electric razor so no need to buy or use another. It is made of plastic, which is probably a good thing for sound reduction. When you place the razor into the station, it charges and cleans your device (i.e. raises the hygiene display on the razor). It is easy to install Braun’s wash to get your device clean. Green LEDs indicate the amount of wash needed and left for “servicing” your razor. Need to clean it as indicated? Just press the big button in the middle to start the process. Takes 5 to 15 minutes depending on how “dirty” your device is at that time.

Using the Razor:
After following instructions and the first charge complete, I gave the razor a try. I had small growth at the time so wanted to see how it handled a “touch up” job. No problems and it left my skin feeling smooth. Successful for the first test. The next test was a few days of growth and cutting after a shower. The razor cut everything just fine and it did take a little longer which was no surprise. More growth demanded more time cutting. Same results of smooth skin and no problems. The last test I did was to grow out my facial hair for a week. My spouse commented how I really needed to clean up, so she also weighed in on the results. I took the razor and began. I adjusted the razor once by pressing the positive button. To my surprise there was no “pulling” I have experienced from other razors like the Braun Series 7. The razor head adjusted to my jaw line and kept on cutting. After a few minutes I was back to smooth skin. No cuts, pulled hairs, or any pain. It was easy to do and my spouse loved the results as well.

Cleaning the device was very very simple in all three of my tests. The process took 5 minutes each time surprisingly. It felt like a new razor each time and, reading the instructions, they recommend doing a cleaning every use to insure this “new razor” feeling occurred. I can see why.

Lithium Ion Battery
Nice visual display on battery and hygiene indicators
Cuts well
Feels solid
Easy to use
Adjustable blade
Swivel razor head
Sturdy case
Simple design cleaning station
Can manually clean the device

-The razor case does not hold the AC adapter. You can get a lot of shaves before the lithium battery dies and maybe that is the idea. You don’t need to carry it with you.
Braun wash will potentially created an additional cost to using your razor. You can do it manually, but I can see the advantages of the wash. They run about $5 each container. How long each lasts depends on the individual and the use.

Overall the device gets a gold medal from me. An absolute 5 star razor that delivers on what it claims to do. The cons are minor and more personal style/opinion. I would recommend this device to anyone in the market for an electric razor with these features, let alone for the quality of the cut.

Special thanks to BzzAgent for allowing me to test the product.

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