Don’t Feed It


Whatever is floating around out there getting people sick, I caught it over the holiday weekend.  I had caught some stomach/intestinal bug floating around.What seemed to work for me this time to endure it was to “not feed it.” I recalled Christmas of 2015 where my sister-in-laws’ husband did that. It was one less thing for him to deal with during that whole spell.

What did I do not to “feed it” you ask? I only ate bread when hungry, sipped on a tablespoon of water every few hours (anymore I would become nauseous), and laid on the couch. I went through nausea spells often, but with so little in my system I thankfully didn’t have to revisit my meals. However, this did lead to being slightly dehydrated, confusion of “am I hungry or nauseous, and by day 3 just plain tired/weak. I believe the alternative of eating more and drinking more liquids would have created worse systems. From what I heard it lasted a lot longer then 4 days in my case for others. So, if you do catch it you may want to try the “don’t feed it” concept and see what happens.

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