First Cycling Event Complete!



California Classic Weekend cycling event was a blast. It was my first cycling event I participated in too. I would happily do it again next year. If I can maintain or improve upon my physical condition, I would like to do the 60 mile route.

The ride started in downtown Fresno. I arrived with my friend Jeremy at approximately 630 AM. It was quite chilly but everyone knew shortly after starting the ride we would warm up. At 650 AM the National Anthem was sang and people cheered and clapped. Then the count down begin, though it was very anti-climatic when you heard “Go!” at 7 AM. Why? All 2,000 riders were being escorted to Highway 168. We were somewhere in the middle of the 2,000 riders, so we stayed put for a couple minutes. Thinking of it like being in a dead stop for traffic in a major city. Takes a bit to get everyone up to speed an moving. Anyway, then the ride began moving through the starting line. Once on the freeway, it was as fast as you wanted to go.

Around the 15 mile mark, we saw Diana and Jaden. They were there cheering us both on. I think Jaden said “get a medal!” or something to that affect. It was great to see them as we would start the next 20 miles of the route off the freeway. Jeremy and I were doing the Mini Metric (35 miles) to see how things would go. I’d say it went well.

We chatted along the way and talk about a lot of things. How was work, family,  church, our faith, and so forth. Really great time exercising, fellowship, and seeing different parts of the city and county. We crossed back over the finish line just shy of 10 AM and soon said our goodbyes for now. Tomorrow our wives get to do a 5k! Jaden and I will cheer on Diana as she does her part. The medal she gets will interlock with mine, so I’ll make sure to share that sometime tomorrow.

There was not a lot of photos taken as we were riding. Thanks to Jeremy for taking some of us getting on the freeway, starting, and ending. I’ll have to put a short story of the whole race later.

Oh and if you are curious, I am not tired. I feel great right now. The only tired part of me is for not getting a good night sleep. That is what I am tired about.

Thanks to all those who sent us cheers, followed our ride, and supported us. It was a great first experience and I look forward to others in the future. Who wants to join me next time?

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