Diana’s 5k Complete


The California Classic Weekend is now over. Diana finished off the last day with Annie in a 5K. The race began at 7:05 AM. We picked up Annie around 610 AM and arrived at the starting line around 635 AM. Those running the marathon and half marathon went first and shortly followed by all those doing the 5K. Over 1,500 runners were there.

They both returned under an hour. They were walking their 5k and Diana said she really enjoyed it. It was great to see her out and about too. She was given a medal for finishing the 5k, which links to my finisher medal too. They link together at the 2017 point.

Now that is it over, we are trying to all catch up on some sleep. I think we will all sleep well tonight. Getting up at 515 AM, not sleeping well both nights, and staying up past 10 made for a sleepy household. Jaden was out he was already complaining of not wanting to take nap at 9 AM haha. We knew he was tired and he napped for 3.5 hours today.

All in all, it was a great weekend. If you want to see some of the photos from Diana’s race this morning, you can check them out HERE. Enjoy!

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