The New Fence is Up!

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Our fence was damaged a few weeks back during a wind storm with gusts up to 50 mph blowing through the area. Diana called me saying I needed to get home right away (remember the earlier post?). After some discussion with our neighbor, getting bids, and waiting for the contractor to come out, it ended up being Saturday was the day to build a fence. We didn’t have any idea it was going to be Saturday either.

The usual Saturday routine was at hand. My phone rings just after 9 am. I look down and see it is my neighbor calling. Answering I hear him stating our contractor has arrived to build the fence and was ready to go at this moment. I was a little surprised, but not upset whatsoever. We needed the fence built as it was just held up by shovels and wooden boards. I went out back and put River inside the garage. Work on the fence begins around 930 AM.

The process went well. I talked with the neighbor for a bit and found out what they were planning on doing. Things were going great and the framing was done nicely too. However, there was one issue that delayed the project for a bit in the middle to late afternoon. The nails were a little long when shooting them through the boards, so grinding them down was necessary for the first half of the fence. The correct nails were delivered soon after. Instead of being done at 6, the contractor and workers left around 8 PM that night. River was free to go before that as the clean up was on my neighbors side when the fence was completed.

It sure is nice to have a new fence now. Should hold up for some time. The first one lasted 13 years, so hopefully we get that much out of this one. Now to keep an eye on the other fence.

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