“There is Something Wrong…”



Memorial Day weekend was great. We saw family, took a moment or two in appreciating what those who have died in service have done for us, ate a lot of food, went swimming, and watched Jaden experience new things. However, before all the merriment occurred, there was an issue that came at 55 mph.

We decided to take Jaden to the zoo before all the bigger family activities would start. Hoping in the car and we made our way down the free way. Diana was driving and I was talking to my mom when I hear, “Josh, there is something wrong with the brakes.” Seeing we are taking an on-ramp to another freeway, I looked to see our speed was 55 mph. I told her to pump the brakes and then told my mom, “I need to go, we are having brake problems.” Probably not the best thing to hear before hanging up the phone, I know. Thankfully, pumping the brakes appeared to be working. We ended up taking city streets back home allowing a slower pace. The brakes went out a few more times, but pumping them re-engaged the mechanism and we slowed. It wasn’t till Tuesday that we were able to get it in the shop.

Once in the shop, I described the problem we had over the weekend. Oh, yes I told my mom we were okay once on the streets and off the highway. All is well there. Anyway, he told me they would replace the master cylinder. I recalled having experienced a master cylinder going out when I was 17 taking family and friends to High School. If you have never had that experience, it catches you off guard and instantly kicks in adrenaline. You foot just goes to the floor of vehicle and you keep moving right along. Just remember to pump the brake if that ever happens. It may help!

Needless to say, we were all safe and took the truck to visit family. It made for a crazy day back from the holiday weekend though. Thankfully our mechanic was able to replace and fix the problem by the end of the day. No more problems with the brakes now. Now if we can just put on the brakes for time that would be another story in itself :).

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