YouTube It!


Some small things were fixed today and they didn’t deal with the house. They were both vehicles and thanks to so many freely uploaded videos to YouTube, it was a success. The small things were bulbs and a fused. The bulbs were for the car and the fuse was for the truck. Lets first start with the truck.

Several weeks back the truck radio died. It was own and playing music just fine. Then the whole system turned off. I pressed the power button and nothing would come on. It was dead. I wondered if the fuse went bad, but never took the time to check. Fast forward to today, I had about 45 minutes of free time. I decided I new how easy it was to install the radio so surely I could find a YouTube video showing how to get full access to my radio once again. I quickly searched and found many video showing how to remove the factory radio and install another brand. I went out to the truck and in about 10 to 15 minutes I had the radio out and examined the fuse. There was no visible break, but the prongs were black. Uh oh, maybe it was a circuit that fried and bypassed the fuse.

I told Diana about getting to the fuse. She mentioned while I was at it to fix the car lights and see if the fuse was the problem there. Once again, I returned to YouTube to find solutions on how to change the lights on the shifter as well as the dome lights above. Videos were a plenty on how to solve the problem. I pulled the car into the garage at this point due to the heat. Jaden joined me to see what I was doing. A few minutes later the bulbs were removed and off to Auto Zone we went. Visiting a couple stores later, I returned home with the parts and Jaden was ready to help. However, it was dinner time.

Needless to say the stereo works and lights are restored inside the car. Now to just change out a headlight in the front of the car and I am done. It was fun to learn a few new things today, save some money, and enjoying the satisfaction of accomplishment. They may be small items, but they make a big difference when using the vehicles.

I delayed getting the fixed earlier and now that I have finished, I am thinking to myself “why didn’t I do this earlier?” More than likely other things were higher priority and I honestly just forgot about them until I was actually needing them. Now to get the next few small things done around here…

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