Two Down


sprinklers comic

During the early parts of spring, I knew I had some sprinklers to work on for the coming year. I would watch the the sprinkler system cycles and counted each one that need adjusting or repairs. I made the necessary adjustments where I could and ended up with 6 sprinklers needing to be completely replaced. Thus this past Friday was the day to fix a couple.

Friday came and with news the temps would be in the 100+ degree range, so out Jaden and I went to get some sprinklers. Our first trip was to Lowes. I bought a new sprinkler with a metal top to it. The other one was plastic and was damaged by an edger or lawn mower from the previous owners. I made something work a year ago, but now that fix was no longer viable. Anyway, returning home Jaden and I dug out the sprinkler. He did a really good job moving the soil out with me. Needless to say in about 20 minutes a whole new sprinkler was installed and the dirt back in place. That was easy, so shortly after I decided to return to Lowes for another one. It was time to repair the second worse sprinkler in the front yard. Surely it would take about the same amount of time, right?

Now I could not go out and repair it right away. There was other things to complete and I only set out to do one sprinkler that day. As the afternoon came and temperature rose into the mid 90’s, the opportunity presented itself. Our car provided shade and I worked on digging out the sprinkler. I worked some more and about 45 minutes later the sprinkler was installed. Why so long? Well there were roots. Lots of roots. I spent half the time getting all the roots out in order to get where I could safely remove the old sprinkler head and install the new one. Thank goodness for the small amount of shade I had too. With both sprinklers installed, it was now time to wait for the true test.

Fast forward to this morning at around 6:05 AM, Jaden and I both looked out the window at the sound of the sprinklers going off. Our first installation was doing great. Just a minor tweak to adjust the spray width and it was set. A few minutes later we returned out the front door to see how the second installation was fairing. It too was doing great. I, likely being more satisfied than Jaden, returned feeling good about repairing the sprinklers around our home. Now to just tackle the other 4….

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