The Whole Truth?



I was browsing my Facebook news feed and came across an ad from a famous retailer stating an extreme action was going to occur. I was shocked and decided to click on the link to read the article. Come to find out, the title was misleading and never once mentioned in the article. The next day someone else shared that post to rally people up for the cause. I am not going into the details of what it is about, but rather focusing on spreading of partial truths.

It saddens me that brands, companies, or groups are using partial truths and weaving it in with a lie in order to get their agenda through. I know this is not new, but for brands and companies, I would rather they stick to selling something instead of pushing their political agenda. I don’t need politics mixed in with what I am potentially shopping for.

Things like this usually don’t bother me, but the most recent one, again on my “sponsored ad” Facebook feed, I know for a fact is simply not true. I was even more surprised to see it was from a company I like too. The reason it gets to me is I had invested years into what the company is “attacking” and to see partial truth being spread around as though it is a fact is very upsetting. It is also upsetting to me as it is an attack on the group of people I know were not trying to do what the company claimed.

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