Watch Your Step

I received a phone from Diana as she was leaving the house to get some errands done. “Could you bring me out the papers I left on the kitchen counter please” she asked. “Sure thing” I replied. Knowing she was in a hurry I decided to not put on shoes or sandals. After all, I just need to walk down the cemented entry way of our home and pass the papers to her. What could go wrong?

I open the door and started to sprint. A couple steps into my dash I hear a “crunch” and a 1/2 second later, Diana is laughing. Continuing my sprint I am trying to process what the crunch was. I was not in any pain and it was a “cool” feeling between my toes. Maybe it was a leaf I concluded. At this same time Diana spoke through her laughter, “you stepped on a snail!” Now it registered with me and the puzzle solved. Diana took the papers with a smile and off she went. Now to clean off the snail that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Granted, I guess the old saying “watch you step” may have applied here.

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