Not What I Expected

Ready to know what went on this final weekend of my vacation? Well went went to Red Rock Canyon State Park! Diana’s parents have a new camper and wanted us to join them. Shortly after Christmas we finalized the plans and just had to wait for the departure day to arrive. Jaden, of course, was very excited. He loves camping and being outdoors. January 5 arrived and we were off!

The drive is not too long, but took about 4 hours. We stopped for a break to stretch our legs, bathroom, and a snack. About 35 minutes later we arrived at Ricardo Campground. Things were going well. Jaden was super excited to see the grandparents and explore outside. We settled into the camper and before we knew it, dinner time was at hand. Night came and dominoes was the game of choice. Jaden didn’t know how to play, but quickly learned and enjoyed it. Now that is was bedtime, this is where things went south for me.

I tossed and turned all night long. I woke up several times feeling hot and dehydrated. I did this so often I became sleep deprived. As soon as the sun came up I tried to hydrate and get more sleep. I felt better and thought I was on the mend. I went out hiking with Jaden a little. However, I was still very thirsty and so tired, so back to napping I went. It wasn’t until that evening that the idea of it being something else came to mind. By then I knew I was hydrated and had napped enough I should be cured. Diana decided to take my temp. I was 102.9! Later I was 103.9 and so off to the ER we went, which didn’t go so well.

After being in an ER for 3 hours with no changes to the overbooked ER rooms and waiting area, we went back to get some sleep and try in the morning. We did get better sleep, but the ER was even more packed than the night before. The drive home was the solution. Thankfully back in our hometown I was able to see a doctor in 2 hours, get a diagnosis, and out the door I went. It was the flu. I had the bug. Later that night my fever broke and recovering is at hand. Time to go back to sleep again as there is a lot of work to catch up on. Also being sick does put extra work on Diana and I don’t want her to worry about that.

As for Jaden? He loved every minute we were in Red Rock Canyon. He wants to go back and didn’t want to leave. My in-laws were very gracious and generous to us. Thanks to them for watching our boy during the trips to the ER out in the middle of nowhere. Thank you to a wonderful and supportive wife Diana who, completely exhausted, kept up with Jaden and taking care of me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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