Making Plans


As many people have made and are trying to keep their New Years resolutions, we had made a few of our own. At least, some bigger family plans that will happen this summer. It won’t be long though as the first month in 2018 is just about over. Time really is going by pretty quick.

One of our family plans is it visit National Parks this summer. We would like to do a road trip where we stay at a National Park for a few days then jump over to the next one. I made a preliminary list and route of the journey. Hopefully in February we can finalize it and put the dates on the calendar. Right now the list is long enough to take two weeks to complete, so we will need to scale that one back a bit haha. Maybe it is something to do over the next two to three years. The National Parks Tour, as I call it, is the bigger plan in the works, but we do have some smaller plans in mind.

In 2018, we plan to do smaller trips as a family. One of those trips would be our first family backpacking trip. I believe Jaden will like it a lot since he enjoys being out in nature. Don’t you worry though. It is not going to be a week long trip. We need to see how he will do, so we are planning on a short over night trip. I have ideas and will have to look into making that happen too. Time to get the backpacking “bug” in him :).

These are just some of the ideas and plans. I hope to get them on the calendar so they are more official. I think we will have an early spring up in the mountains this year if things keep up the way they are. I rather not have an earlier season, as we so need wet snow around here, but we can take advantage of it for sure.

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