Drain the Rain

During last year’s large amount of rain and snow, our backyard had drainage issues. I remember heading out into the rain at 11:30 PM with a shovel and trying to create ditches. Water kept moving up or porch and closer to the house. We had a small pond outside in the yard. I asked our neighbors if they were having the same problem. I was told about drains installed and the outlets were at the edge of the sidewalk. I did some digging and sure enough the outlets were buried. It cleaned and cleared away the vegetation. This helped the front, but the backyard still had problems.

Knowing that there should be drains, I began to look in the backyard. I found one on the east side of our home. I did the same cleaning and clearing. I then proceeded to the west side of the backyard. No luck. I could not find it. The next storm came in and the west side was once again a pond. Thankfully the east side was drained this time.

Now lets fast forward a year to a couple weeks ago. March 1 brought in another smaller storm and, once again, we a pond on the west side. A couple days of sunshine followed and the water went away. Determined to find it Diana and Jaden began to dig for the pipes. I came home to holes along the fence line. Eventually, we spent most of the weekend digging holes and following the drainage line. We found an inlet in the middle of our yard but nothing where we really needed it, so to Lowes for parts.

It took about 3 hours to get things situated and the new drainage inlet installed. It was not hard work, but just time consuming. We also didn’t want to break the other 2 irrigation pipes to our sprinkler system as we dug. Caution and taking our time was key. Plus working in wet clay soil was not helping. Anyway, we installed it and put all the dirt back in place. Proud of our work all we could do was wait now. Wait for the next storm to come in, which was not far away.

The past two days it has been raining. Not a “California rain” which usually is sprinkling to rest of the country. I mean it is pouring down water! Windshield wipers on max have to slow down type of down pouring. Guess what? No pond of water either. As seen in the photo, the water goes to one side and down the black round inlet. Our hard work has paid off! Pleased with ourselves we commented on how it is funny to be so excited over a pipe. Jaden was like, “oh that is nice” and resumed playing with his toys while we observed. Now we can drain the rain from our backyard. We just need the grass to grow back so it isn’t so muddy! One house project complete and another one to start.

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