Spring Break – Day 2



The second day of spring break consisted of a few errands. It was also filled with some fun times with Jaden during the day. One of those again was going on a 1.3 mile walk around the neighborhood. He is getting the hang of balancing his bike rather quickly. In fact after our evening walk and ride, Diana and I both concluded it was time to put the pedals back on. Now he may not actually pedal tomorrow, but it will be an easier place to rest his feet while he demonstrates just how long he can keep his feet from touching the ground. This goal of getting to ride a bike is well on its way.

Another goal is seeing if his first two comes out this week. Each day it is getting closer and closer to coming out. He doesn’t seem to play with it yet like other kids do. However, I do help him as it is a homework assignment from the dentist. Both Diana and I think when he does lose it and sees how there are fun rewards to losing teeth, he may want to know when the next one will come out. Time will tell on that one.

A highlight for the mid afternoon was playing some old school video games with Jaden. He really does enjoy playing them too. Classics like Super Mario Bros. series or the Donkey Kong games. We play, get loud, and have fun being silly with the whole thing. It is a fun way to spend some time with him.

As day 2 comes to a close, tomorrow will be approaching the half way done point of our vacation. I am hopeful that he will be riding a bike by Saturday and maybe…just maybe…that tooth will be out by then. However, if not, no worries. We will just keep training on the bike and wiggling that tooth.

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