Spring Break – Day 3


I returned from the garage about mid morning. It was time to put Jaden’s pedals back on his bike, so I had reinstalled them onto his bike. As I walk in Jaden comes up to me saying, “guess what dad?” to which I reply, “what is it Jaden?”

“Well dad, you see, I no longer have just one loose tooth in my mouth. There is another one at the top right where my tooth starts to turn.” He then proceeds to show me by pointing to the area.

Now I am not 100% sure he has another loose tooth, but my finger tips are covered in bike grease so I simply say, “well we will have to wiggle out two of them now.” Later that day I ask again and sure enough, he now has two of them ready to come out. He was actually excited about the second one too, so that is a nice turn. He was also enthusiastically looking forward to doing bike training.

It was not till the afternoon that Jaden was able to ride his bike. We did not do a morning bike training. Diana took him over to play with Annabelle, Luke, and Levi at the park. I rode my bike while they were gone for about 45 minutes. Then followed lunch and then we were in the afternoon. It was a lot warmer outside this time around so no jacket was needed.

Jaden riding on his own.

Jaden did an amazing job. From the start I just told him to push off with his feet, like he had been doing previously, but to put his feet on the pedals to rest them. He did so and balanced for a bit. I observed him figuring out this process and quickly noticed he just give pedaling a try as well. Sure enough, he had the mechanics down and was up and riding on his own within a few minutes. The neighbors across the street were watching and congratulated him on riding his bike. He was so proud of himself. In fact we went again following dinner and he rode for about half a mile balancing before putting his feet down. We will just do some fine tuning tomorrow.

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