The Switch

Last Friday I made the switch from an Apple to an Android smart phone. I have been using Apple smartphones since the 3GS and decided to finally give Android a go. What used to keep me from switching so many years earlier? Well it came down to the camera, controlling permissions with apps, and pure android experience. Thankfully Google in the last few years has changed it. Thus I switched to an Android device and am really enjoying it. There are a lot more “bells and whistles” in apps for the Android that were not present with Apple versions. Yes, I like the quality of the camera and the control over what an app can have access to. Android has come along way.

Three years ago I started looking into Android. I wanted to “tinker” around more and be allowed to customize my phone. I wanted to personalize it and have more control. I was always jail-breaking my devices for that reason. Now I do not have to. I will see how things go in a month, but for now I am very pleased with the device and do not plan to go back to Apple for awhile. I am beginning to understand the analogy used of being within Apple’s walled garden. Does this mean I do not like Apple or it’s products? Not at all.

I would say if you don’t care to tweak with devices or customize it, then stick with Apple. They make a great product and they do a good job on keeping people updated. If you want more control, like to tweak with devices, or consider yourself a “power user” then I would suggest giving Android based phones a try, particularly a Google made one as they are pure Android.

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