The Mountains are Calling!



One of the things I am wanting to do with my family this summer is to get outdoors more. To head up into the mountains for day hikes and camping trips. June has gone by rather quickly and with about 7 more weeks left and the mosquitoes calming down, I think it is time to start planning where to go. Thankfully there are many wonderful places nearby to take advantage of. Now it is just time to figure out, “where to?”

I would definitely like to get back into Yosemite and then maybe head over to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. We did a hike about a month ago and Jaden is always ready for more the moment we mentioned to him, “well it is time go back home.” It always makes me smile to see him wanting to be in the mountains. I hope he continues to find such great joy in being outdoors as much as his mother and I do.

We do have one trip to help some friends resupply on the John Muir Trail. I imagine that will be a fun time as we get to help out, wish them a safe journey, and do some day hiking while we are there. I will post most later on those details but that is one event we have going on this summer season. Stay tuned for more!

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