Open Camera App for Android


I have used the stock camera on my Google Pixel XL for about a month. It does a good job, was snappy, and took great photos. I still use it for the sphere mode Google offers. The panoramic mode is horrible, as many other reviews stated, so I use another app for that. However, I was using other camera apps while on my iPhone. Surely they had Android versions I thought. In my search, I came across an app called Open Camera.

Open Camera is a very powerful app. It gives you a lot of control over how you want to take photos from burst modes, to white balancing, to HDR photos. It is really limited only by your device hardware. The app is 100% free with no ads or in-app purchases. If you like photography you should swap out your default android camera app for this one. The website goes into details about everything it can do. Here is a short list below, but if you want to read up on everything it can do head HERE.

  • Auto-Level photos
  • HDR
  • Bracketing
  • RAW image capture (depends on your phones capabilities)
  • Video modes (limited by your phone)
  • Timers and more!

If you have a new android device, or an older one, I recommend you give it a try. Make sure to try and enable the Camera2 API for better manual controls. I am still learning how to use the app fully myself and so far, I love it. My favorite is enabling grids, doing HDR, and shooting with RAW imaging capabilities. All these abilities right in my phone. Is it better than a DSLR? No it is not, but it is one step closer to getting better photos. Most of the time the camera on you is the best you have, so why not use a great free app to maximize your phones’ camera capabilities!

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