Into October


Amazing how fast the past two months have gone by. Now that we are entering October, which I consider the start of the “holiday season” it might as well be 2019. Between school starting, kids birthday parties, work projects, and weekend projects, it is very easy to see how the days fly by.

The next month will be a big work time for me. Getting the last bit of work done before the winter shuts down the Forest. There are streams to survey, samples to collect, end of the year reporting to do, and more. It all has to be done by November, so I may get some extra hours in here and there. Not to mention a few house or at home projects to work on.

I will get the story of Cliff Lake up and done as well as Jaden’s Birthday Party. I think the party ideas may inspire others out there who want to do a Mario themed birthday. After all we were inspired by what we saw and created games and ideas from there. Anyway, now to get back to work.

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