The Big Trees

One of many Giant Sequoias at Trail of 100 Giants

We did a long day trip to help family and a new friend from Venezuela tour the Trail of 100 Giants. Whether it is this grove of trees or ones in the National Park, I take for granted how easy they are to access. I have seen them so often over so many years that, yes they are big and beautiful, but they have lost that initial amazement. However, when taking someone to see them for the first time I am always reminded of how much awe and wonder I had when I first saw these trees. I can see it in each persons face who looks at the size of the tree near the base and slowly lifts their heads to the sky to try to see the top. Their awe and wonder is there and no words are needed. Anyway, this was part of the day during our hike.

Fallen Sequoia on the newly construction causeway.

Our hike was very easy going and we eventually saw many different stages of a Giant Sequoia. Soon we quickly arrived at the fallen sequoia that rerouted the trail. The first sequoia fell in 2011 and 5 years later a new causeway was installed. If I remember the information board correctly, a year after that another sequoia came down once more and destroyed part of the newly built causeway. It makes you think if another tree is going to fall that is also nearby as these two were adjacent to the creek as is a third one. Only time will tell I suppose. The rest of the hike though continued on and it was a warmer afternoon there. By the end of the 1 mile loop the amazement was already fading away and hunger replaced it as a late lunch was soon to be had.

Several 100 feet away and the top still isn’t visible.

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