Redwood State Park

Redwood State Park photo album


We arrived at the Redwood State and National Park visitor center around 9:50 AM. Both Diana and I wanted to know of some short easy hikes for our family. I spoke with the ranger there who gave me three options. One was in the National Park and the other two were in the State Park. We ended up choosing a 2 mile loop in the State Park. After all we had been sitting in the car for 11 hours prior and wanted to really stretch our legs before the wedding. I grabbed a few maps and back to the car we went.

We arrived in the parking area, grabbed a snack, and proceed on our first family hike this year. It was very exciting and Jaden seemed to enjoy it.

IMG_2249 IMG_2251

One of the main attractions on this loop was the “Big Tree.” From the parking lot it was a 2 minute hike. The Spanish moss on the trees and lush green vegetation along the trails edges welcomed us. The trail widened and a wooden deck led up to the “Big Tree.” I admit was a big tree, but after seeing the Sequoias, it wasn’t that big.

IMG_2254 IMG_2256

Jaden was very much interested in getting off the trail. He wanted to climb in the trees as there were quite a few that were hollowed out or fragments of their former self. Apparently a user created trail lead to one spot where many before us climbed in. We too followed suite and let Jaden get inside one of these large trees. He wanted to smell and touch the inside while we were trying to get a family selfie.

IMG_2261 IMG_2262

Shortly after it was time to cross the road. The loop is split down the middle by a main road that enters this portion of the State Park. Shortly after crossing Diana spotted a Banana Slug. Jaden, never seeing a yellow slug before, was initially curious. He was also cautious and waited to see what one of us would do. I bent down to show him and he followed suite. We then proceeded on down the trail.

IMG_2265 IMG_2272

Our journey continued on where we crossed bridges, saw the small creek near the trail, and was able to really crawl inside the base of a tree. Both Jaden and I went in. He was very excited to have me in there with him and actually posed well for a selfie photo. We then returned back to the trail.

IMG_2276 IMG_2277

A couple redwoods had fallen across the trail. Here the State Park hollowed out these sections so people could walk through the fallen giants. Jaden thought that was pretty cool too. Shortly after I had to start carrying him. He had walked for a mile and began getting tired. Not bad really for his first hike I’d say.

IMG_2279 IMG_2280

The remaining part of the trip was stretches of carrying Jaden and letting him walk. We were also in a hurry as we needed to grab a bit to eat before getting back to the hotel to then get ready for our friends wedding. We made it all in time, but our short trip to the redwoods only teased us. I think we will be adding these National and State Parks to future family vacations.

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