California Classic Weekend


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April 1, 2017 began my first ever cycling event. I didn’t know what to expect, but was looking forward to it. Diana came home a week prior to the event saying I should go for it. She had all the info for me. I decided to give it a go and would end up thankful I did. I started off with the Mini Metric or 35 mile bike ride.

The night before I laid everything out I was going to wear and bring. I loaded the truck up with my bike and equipment. My plan was to get up at 520 AM and head out the door by 530 AM to meet Jeremy. I was in bed at 10 AM and excited. It was hard to sleep that night. Thankfully Diana woke up around 520 AM too.

Diana woke up and to my surprise my alarm did not go off. Soon discovering why I had set them to PM and not AM. Could have been a disaster, but that was averted. I got dressed, grabbed my breakfast, and out the door I went. I met up with Jeremy and we drove to the race starting point.

Approximately 630 AM we were there and ready to go. It was chilly and every rider was feeling it. There were supposedly 2,000 plus riders representing 400 cities across 8 states. The National Anthem was sang at 650 AM and the race was on the way at 7 AM. We were all lead by police officers to Freeway 180 through Fresno. It was a nice leisurely warm up for sure. Before we knew it 180 was upon us and the speeds increased for many riders.

The ride on the freeway was great. It is quite the experience to be on the freeway, riding a bike, and not having to worry at all about a vehicle coming. The entire westbound side was shutdown till mile marker 15. Once at mile 15, I saw Diana and Jaden waving. From there we turned off and were on country roads. Vehicles passed by us now, but not nearly like it would have been if the freeway was not closed.

Jeremy and I chatted most of the time out there. It was a great ride and we did stop at mile 27 for a rest. There was food, drinks, and a bathroom. The food consisted of peanut butter, bananas, bags, cookies, peanut m&ms, pretzels, and oranges. Drinks were water and Gatorade. It was nice to get off the saddle for a bit. Plus I had to adjust a couple spokes on my front wheel. It was maybe 5 to 10 minutes tops and we were on our way. The last portion was back through the city using the biking lanes.

We returned to the finish line just before 10 AM. Jeremy had to get going immediately, but I returned to pick up our medals, grab some BBQ, and a ColdStone Coffee Ice Cream. It was delicious and well needed. I later calculated I burnt 2,000 calories that morning. Best part of long rides is eating two days worth of food in one haha.

I highly recommend doing it to any cyclist out there just for the freeway experience. If I can maintain my fitness and, hopefully, improve on it from now till then, I would really like to do the 60 mile ride next time. I have minor stiffness and that is from the saddle really. A few muscles are letting me know they were used. In fact I was thinking of going for a short ride the day after the race, so it isn’t that bad at all.