Snow Play at Bass Lake

As the cold and wet winter was beginning to leave, so was all the snow it brought along. The lower elevations were warming and creeks were flowing once more. For us we needed to take advantage and play in the snow. Thankfully some friends invited us along for a Sunday afternoon day of fun. Following church we went up to Bass Lake for lunch. We enjoyed eating a meal together and it was time to get all the energy out of the kids, let alone all those sweet potato waffle fries we ate (it was unlimited refills).

Finding a hill to slide down and playing along the way.

Our destination ended up being a vacant area on public land just around the northwest side of Bass Lake. We parked our vehicles, made sure the kids had all their gear on, including the adults, and off we went. Surely there was a hill around here for the energy dissipation to commence! After about 3 minutes of walking up an old road half buried in snow, we found a small hill.

Time to make a sled course.

The boys ran up to the hill…actually it was a very slight hill…and tried to slide down. It was not working and so we showed them how to build one. After about 5 minutes and several test runs to pack it down, the single track ride was ready to go.

Each ride down was getting better. It was also showing us where we needed to smooth things out. Thankfully we had left our snow shovel in the back of the car, so Diana went to get it. Between Allen and myself, we carved out some spots and filled in others. The ride down was a lot better, but it was not quick. Still the kids loved it.

Enjoying the ride down.

Eventually Diana decided to take a further walk up and over the small hill we were playing on. She soon reported back that there was a steeper hill on the other side and thought it would be worth checking out. Gathering all the gear we proceed to follow behind her tracks and see what she was talking about.

Jaden taking the sled to the new area.

Once over we looked down below and there was a nice spot to try out. We only had a small issue to deal with and that was crossing a very small creek. For the kids it was going to be a wide step across. I made a path and found it was going over down oak trees and limbs. I did some compaction work and tried to make it easier. Once across the adults did a few tests and then it was time to make a new course.

The new course was much faster and longer. Nothing too fast that we could not stop the sledding, but enough to bring bigger smiles to the boys faces. We ended up building a barrier to help catch the sled since you would just go all the way down to the creek.

At this point it was non-stop riding down the hill. Darren and Jaden were having so much fun. Most of the time they would ride by themselves and switch out sleds. Other times they did a duo on the longer blue sled. I tried to capture some of the moments with the camera to test out some features it had to offer. In particular, it was the portrait mode.

The adults eventually came over and had some fun too! Diana did several slides both with and without Jaden. I did a few as well and enjoyed the time in the snow. Oh, and as you probably noticed, it was not that cold there. It was in the low 50s during the afternoon so nobody was ever too cold.

It was around 4 in the afternoon when we decided to call it a day. We both had an hour drive back, let alone trying to clean off the gear before getting in our cars. Our parking spot was free of snow, but there was a thin layer of mud to deal with. We eventually made our way down but the memories created were great! Another snow play done for the year.