Uphill to Nelson Lake

Ready for another adventure on this December day? Grab your favorite hot drink, sit back, and enjoy the warm adventure that River and I took to Nelson Lake. Nelson Lake 2019

Corbett and Givens Lake Trek

My day hike trip up to Givens Lake is now available to read. It is not a long one hike for anyone who wants to go on it. May take you just as long to drive there. Anyway enjoy the read. Corbett and Givens Lake 2019

The First Day

The first day of vacation started by walking my son to school. Previous days were cloudy and wet. Today, the sun was out, the sky blue, and the air clean and crisp. Perfect time to walk to school. We both enjoyed our walk. Talking about pretend scenarios and reality too. It didn’t take long and…

A Miniseries Worth Watching

HBO has made a mini-series called Chernobyl. If you are not familiar with that name, it is based on true events from the nuclear power plant that exploded in Russia during the 1980s. There are only 5 episodes, but they range up to 1 hour and 20 minutes each. The series is gripping shortly into…

The Big Trees

We did a long day trip to help family and a new friend from Venezuela tour the Trail of 100 Giants. Whether it is this grove of trees or ones in the National Park, I take for granted how easy they are to access. I have seen them so often over so many years that,…

A Four Lakes Hike – Story Available

The story of a day hike out to Brewer, Tocher, Beryl, and Coyote Lakes is now available. Come check out another trail you could hike along and see the sights I did too. The story is -> HERE

Frozen Wonders

Yesterday was quite a nice day in the Forest. It was definitely cold and the creek was frozen in several places. I expected to see sheets of ice in places, but I was presently surprised by what I saw. Check out the slideshow above. From ice sheets to ice crystals to trapped gas bubbles, it…

Family Vacation Story Available

Our family’s 2019 vacation story is finally available to read! If you were curious how things went and what we did, now you can sit back and enjoy a read. The story is -> HERE

Air Matters – Grab the App!

The air quality has been really bad the past couple of days due to all the wildfires across the state. It was so bad yesterday that the rating was “beyond index” at 758! The highest is goes is 505 and is considered hazardous to everyone health. How do I know this? Simple. I use an…