Interested in doing more than just day hikes? Want to go further into the wilderness and see places most won’t venture to see? Then backpacking may be the next step. I have been backpacking, camping, and hiking for years now. I decided to develop my own guides in order to help prepare others. Whether you are just starting out or simply curious as to what I use for gear, I hope these next few links help your next adventure be a memorable one.

The guide is a general overview to get people started in backpacking. Yes, everyone does it differently but there are some general ways to get started. My hope is you find this helpful and through your own experiences and research will ultimately develop what works for best for you.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank the users of my blog, friends, and family for their input. I would also like to thank the users on the forums at High Sierra Topix. They have cumulatively spent a lot of their personal time reading and critiquing this guide on backpacking.

Step 1 – Before You Begin

Step 2 – Planning

Step 3 – Gear

Step 4 – Clothing

Step 5 – Food

Step 6 – The Adventure Begins

Step 7 – A Typical Day

Step 8 – Final Thoughts

Appendix A – Additional Resources

Appendix B – My Gear

Appendix C – Gear Check List

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