Appendix B – My Gear

Curious as to what I gear I use for my backpacking adventures? Below you can see what I use. All my gear minus food and water weighs about 18.7 pounds. Some of the gear is part of my hiking clothing, so it isn’t necessarily sitting in my pack all day. For the future, I plan to downsize even more when I can. I also do not always take everything you see below. For example the med kit weight includes everything that original comes with the pouch. I do not bring everything as it is over kill in my opinion.

Realize my gear list is something I have been working on since my first days of backpacking. I imagine it will continue to evolve over time. I am not suggesting the gear you see below is the best nor is it something you should go out an buy to have exactly what I have. I recommend borrowing gear from friends, visiting outdoor stores to try on pieces, testing some borrowed gear, and doing research of your own. Everyone has their own style and, through time and experience, you’ll find what works for you.

As you read through my list, keep a few things in mind.

  1. My meals involve no cooking, but simply boiling water. Hence my cooking supplies are based around that cooking style.
  2. I prefer a bivy for solo hiking. I do not mind the more confined space when compared to a tent.
  3. The prices you see are full retail. I DID NOT pay these prices at all, but wanted to show the total cost should one go that route. I do not mine buying last years model or colors. Doing so has saved me a lot of money. A lot of my gear was purchased from Sierra Trading Post with additional tagged on coupons (i.e. Mountain Hardwear Whisper Lite was $140 after coupons and not $300).
  4. This list is what I am using as a result of trial and error using different pieces of gear and finding what works for me. I hope you can find what works for you quicker then I did.

Now if you wanted to see what each one of those things on my list looks like, just keep scrolling down the page. Click on the links below each picture to go and buy them or read reviews.


Outdoor Research Advance Alpine Bivy

Outdoor Research Advance Alpine Bivy


GoLite Jam 2

Golite Ultra 20

GoLite Ultra 20

Thermarest NeoAir all season

Therm-a-rest NeoAir All Season (Reg)


Snow Peak Litemax Stove


Snow Peak Giga Power Fuel


Snow Peak Titanium Cook n Save Pot


Light My Fire Spork



Adventure Medical First Aid Kit – Weekender


The Extractor


Sea to Summit Pocket Shower


Nalgene 32 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle x2


Sea to Summit – Towel


Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System


MSR Dromedary Liter Bags


Princeton Tech Remix Headlamp


Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer


Teva Minimalist Sandal


Bearvault BV450 or BV500

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