Appendix C – Gear Check List

You have all your gear, but are you sure? Easiest way is to make a list of everything you want to bring. The night before your trip and before you pack your gear, go through your list. Make sure you have everything you need and then pack your bag accordingly. Below is a very general list I have used and modified over the years. It may be too much for some or not enough for others. However, consider this as a template and modify it to meet your comfort level and needs.


2x Shirt (wear and store one)
1x Pants (zipoffs would work great)
2x Pairs of Socks
Xx Underwear
1x Jacket/Windbreaker
1x Fleece/Wool cap
1x Belt

Toiletries (travel sizes reduce weight)

1x Toothbrush (travel size)
1x Toothpaste (travel size)
1x Biodegradable Soap
1x Toilet Paper
1x Wash cloth


1x Sleeping Bag
1x Sleeping Pad
1x Backpack
2x 32oz Water Bottles
1x Hiking boots
1x Matches
1x Knife or Multi-tool
1x Sunscreen
1x Hat
1x Sunglasses
1x Flashlight or headlamp
1x Water filter


1x Bowl
1x Eating utensil(s)
1x Backpacking stove
1x Fuel for stove


xx snacks
xx Dinners
xx Lunches
xx Breakfasts

First Aid Supplies

1x Bottle of Ibuprofen
1x Pack of Pepto-bismol tablets
1x Pack Benadryl tablets
Xx Personal prescribed medication
1x Roll of Mole Skin


1x Tent
1x Pair of Trekking Poles
1x Rain gear
1x Camera/Smartphone
1x Batteries or
1x Solar Panel
1x Bear Canister

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