Story for Bass Lake Snow Play is Available

Our day out at Bass Lake and in the snow is available to read. It was a great day out in the snow and we had the entire place to ourselves! Cannot beat that, right? Check out the story HERE.

Two Families Trip to Sequoia National Park 

Our day trip to Sequoia National Park was a great success. We saw the General Sherman Tree, climbed Morro Rock, and saw wildlife like a black bear and a couple deer. The video summarizes our day. Story to follow.

New Story Available

The story of our weekend adventure is now available to read. There is a link to all the photos as well. I hope you enjoy it and maybe you’ll want to go out to Red Rock Canyon State Park too!

Thanks All

   Thanks family and friends for the texts, phone calls, social media shout outs, and more. My birthday was easy going and simple. A very pleasant one and a time to “slow down” for a few hours amongst all that is going on. Thanks again!

Week 3 – The Last Full Week

  Week 3 was the Christmas week. Almost every day of the week had some type of family event or simply an event happening. It was fun, but tiring at the same time. This is the first toddler in the 2’s Christmas so we are starting to see that wonderful stage develop in our child….

Week 2

The second week of vacation went well. It was a full week of events, birthdays, and more. Errands were completed, house chores scratched off the list, and keeping Jaden active was all mixed in. It made for a quick second week. The week started off with a friend’s birthday on Sunday and a musical performance…

Day 11 – “Annnd…Action!”

  Already 11 days and still going. Possibly 6 more days until I go back to work. That is my theory anyway. Looks like the House has decided to change tactics. Not sure the Senate or President will buy into it. I have a feeling they will just say no and have them start over…

Morning Hike

My friend Jeremiah wanted to do a small hike with me and a friend of his. I told him Jaden would need to come along if that was alright. There wasn’t a problem and Jeremiah gladly said to bring him along. It ended up being perfect timing as we acquired a better carrier for our…

A Funeral for a Friend

After hearing a little over a week ago about a friends death, Kelsey Goode was put to rest today. At 1:30 PM dozens of people gathered for her service. I would suspect there was about 200 or more people there. Most people were wearing purple in memory of Kelsey. Others wore mismatched socks. The pastor…

You Will Be Missed Kelsey Goode

I was laying in bed doing my usual routine before turning off the light when I read some disturbing news. A friend of mine, Kelsey Goode, died in a car accident this morning. I couldn’t believe it at first. I reread the message to be sure. It was true. I went on her facebook page…