Groundhog Cinder Cone

The Golden Trout Wilderness covers 303,287 acres, with one-third of this area lying within Sequoia National Forest and the remaining two-thirds sprawling eastward into Inyo National Forest. The Golden Trout, officially protected for the public in 1978, is a land of extensive forests and meadows, and high rugged summits. The Golden Trout Wilderness has supported native populations of golden trout (California’s state fish) for thousands of years in the drainages of the Upper Kern River. Volcano Creek is a tributary into Golden Trout Creek above Volcano Falls. It is the ancestral home to the Volcano Creek Golden Trout and this particular area has the purist strains. The creek has two forks that extend about 5 miles from 9700 feet to 8300 feet elevation.

The main attraction for this trip resides in the Inyo National Forest known as Volcano Meadow. Volcano Meadow was formed thousands of years ago when the Sierra Nevadas were being developed. Today one can visit these long inactive volcanoes and their affects on the landscape. Volcano meadow contains natural lava made bridges, waterfalls, hollowed out volcanoes, and more. The best part is it being protected within the wilderness boundaries and few people go there.

Trip Information

When: TBA – 2011 canceled due to snow over Sherman Pass

Miles: 38 (approx.)

Days: 5 total: 1 day rest (day 3).


  1. Trip Pamphlet <– Includes FAQ’s, itinerary, background info, and more!
  2. Trail Map in PDF format (1 of 2)
  3. Trail Map in PDF format (2 of 2)

We will drive over to the trailhead near Casa Vieja. From there we will hike 8 miles to Templeton Mountain. Then the second day will be another 7 miles of hiking to our destination. The third day will be rest and relaxation. Go fishing, read, take photos, explore, etc. We will then retrace our steps and be home on the evening of the 5th day.

Sounds like fun to you? Awesome! If you would like to attend this trip let me know. I will give you further information as we get closer to our departure date. Hope to see you on the trail!

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