Photo Gallery

500px is more focused on my photography. Hence, by clicking here you will have a cleaner representation of all my photography. The photos range from a smartphone to a DSLR. Enjoy!


Sometimes a photo needs to be stitched together, touched up, or whatever it may be. Below are some budget friendly tools photographers should have on their computers. Best part is budget friendly = FREE!

Luminance HDR – An open source free HDR photo maker. Reads various formats too. If you are not sure what HDR photography is, then do a quick search online. Most DSLR camera’s will let you shoot this type of photography. You’ll just need to set up your camera.

Hugin – Best panoramic photo stitching software I have come across on the web. Easy for beginners and has options for more advanced users.

StarStaX – Love how those night photos come out of the milky way and tents glowing? If you have tried taking a photo, you may realize there can be a lot of white noise. This software requires you to take several shots with different shutter speeds and will compile them into those amazing “starry night” photos.

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