Story Available: Red Rock Canyon in November

Our story for Thanksgiving weekend in Red Rock Canyon is now available to read. Check out the adventure as we were outdoors and enjoying nature. Story: Red Rock Canyon in November 2018

Story: Kings Canyon National Park Day Hike

Ready to read and see how our day hike up in Kings Canyon National Park went a weekend ago? Simply click the link below and see how we spent Earth Day weekend as a family. Needless to say, Jaden was ready to go back the next day! Story: Kings Canyon National Park Day Hike

To the Mountains!

In a last minute decision to just get out of the valley and head to the mountains, we ventured to Kings Canyon National Park. The weather was beginning to warm up and I guess we just needed another day of cooler weather. The days was spent hiking a couple trails, ranger talks, climbing, exploring, and…

Story: California Classic Weekend

(Video created by Jamie Lewsadder) The story for California Classic Weekend 2018 is now available. Come along and see how the ride went. It was a 60 mile ride and we cannot wait till next year!

A Weekend Adventure

A weekend adventure to Red Rock Canyon State Park was full of relaxing, enjoying fellowship, and more. Stay tuned for an update regarding the story.

Story: Seville Lake

Our two day adventure to Seville Lake is available to read. There are about 285 photos for the whole trip. Only a few were selected for the story. However, if you want to check out the photo album a link will be available within the story. Sit back and come with us on our journey…

The Last Weekend

The last weekend of 2012 is also the last weekend of my vacation. Following New Years, I will be returning back to work. I knew a month would go by quickly. Looking back on the past few weeks, I try to evaluate how my vacation went. Did I make the most of it? Was I…

Visiting Family and Friends

The holiday was spent mostly down in southern California this time around. We all had a good time too. It was Jaden’s first lengthy car ride. We have done 45 minute rides, but never several hours. It was a good experiment not only to see how long he would last but to see how we would respond….

Moving In

This weekend was spent getting the guest room changed out with Diana’s furniture. We started by moving some of the wedding gifts into their appropriate places, i.e. dishes went into the kitchen. After some reorganizing and cleaning, we were then able to put the room back together. The bed was placed in the center of…